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Trade and Agricultural Show Marquees

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Trade Show Marquee
  • Stand Out with Trade Show Marquees
  • Transform Your Trade Stand with Marquee Hire
  • Maximize Your Trade Show Impact with Marquee Hire: Stand Out from the Crowd
  • Marquee Hire for Trade Stand Exhibitions: Elevate Your Brand Presence
  • Create a Memorable Trade Show Experience with Marquee Hire When preparing for a trade show, one of the key factors that can help exhibitors stand out from the crowd is the use of marquee hire. Marquees provide a unique and customizable space that can elevate the brand presence and create a memorable experience for attendees.
  • By utilizing marquee hire, exhibitors have the opportunity to transform their trade stand into an eye-catching and engaging space that leaves a lasting impression on potential customers.
  • From showcasing products and services to incorporating interactive elements, marquee hire offers endless possibilities to maximize the impact of a trade show presence. In addition to creating a visually appealing space, marquee hire also offers practical benefits for exhibitors.
  • With a marquee, exhibitors have the flexibility to customize the layout and design of their trade stand to best showcase their products and services. They can create different zones within the marquee, such as demonstration areas, meeting spaces, and product displays, to cater to the specific needs and preferences of their target audience. This not only enhances the overall experience for attendees but also allows exhibitors to effectively communicate their brand message and value proposition.
  • By investing in marquee hire, exhibitors can truly maximize their trade show impact and leave a lasting impression on potential customers.


7th February 2024

York Auction Centre, Murton, York

Yorkshire Agricultural Machinery Show – YAMS has been running since 2014 and has grown into a very popular machinery show.

More Details – YAMS Click Here

Harrogate Flower Show

25th – 28th April 2024

Harrogate Showground

Harrogate Spring Flower Show, is the first major event in the national gardening calendar, welcoming the new growing season with a spectacular celebration of the very best in horticulture.

More Details – Click Here

Duncombe Park County Fair

6th May 2024

Duncombe Park

A fantastic day out for all the family. Established in 1982 – the original country fair of North Yorkshire in the beautiful grounds of Duncombe Park

Attractions include, trade stands, craft fair marquee, farmers market the finest produce from our Yorkshire farms, static engines, vintage cars, tractors and motorcycles.

Shows and competitions include: Foxhound showing and judging, fun dog showing classes (and exemption dogs), Terrier showing & racing, Lurcher showing, Ferret show and racing, Ferret roulette, unaffiliated show jumping, Gymkhana, ridden hunters, Miniature horses, Mini Grand National and Coloured horse show.

More Details – Click Here

Lincolnshire Show

19th & 20th June 2024

Lincoln Showground

The Lincolnshire Show is a very impressive agricultural show set at the picturesque Lincoln Showground.

More Details – Click here

Great Yorkshire show

9th to 12th July 2024

Harrogate Showground

One of the best and impressive shows in the country, one not to be missed.

More Details – Click Here

The Driffield Show

17th July 2024

The Driffield Showground

Driffield Show is the largest one day show in the country and well worth a visit. This is our local show and we provide more than 30 marquees for the show organisers and exhibitors.

More Details – Click Here

Ryedale Show

30th July 2024

Florida Marquees have been supplying marquees for this show for 29 years.

More Details – Click Here

Driffield Steam Fair

10th & 11th August 2024

The Driffield Showground

Wonderful weekend of Steam Engines, Tractors, Trucks and fun.

More Details – Click here

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