Marquee Lighting

Marquee Lighting

Marquee Lighting

Marquee Lighting Choices

There are a multitude of marquee lighting choices available depending on your theme and budgey.

Frame Marquee Lighting

Wedding Marquee Lincolnshire
12m x 30m Celeste Wedding Marquee
Corporate Marquee Hire in Yorkshire
ABG International Corporate Marquee in Bridlington

The standard lighting for a frame marquee with linings is the traditional chandelier in pewter or brass. The chandeliers will be connected to a dimmer switch so at various times within your event the light levels can be altered. The obvious time for dimming the lights is when your entertainment starts, either a DJ or Band could provide disco lights.

Marquee lighting
Fairy or pealight canopy in a frame marquee

A pealight or fairylight canopy is a great addition to a frame marquee. These are strung throughout the roof of the marquee hence a canopy. A canopy really comes into its own later into a summer night or is more apparent during a winter event.

Party Marquee Hire York
Birthday Party with Paper Lanterns and Black Starlight Lining

Paper lanterns give colour to an event as well as provide lighting. Again the lanterns can be run on a dimmer and are LED therefore low power using. You the customer can choose the colours and we will order your choice of colour.

Marquee Interior
Edison Shelf Light & Crossback Chairs

Our Edison Shelf Lights offer a nice rustic lighting option. The edison bulbs work on a dimmer and the board itself can be decorated with foliage and flowers.

Marquee Lighting Ideas
Marquee Lighting Ideas

Specialist uplighting and downlighting provide a dramatic effect in a frame marquee.

Uplighter Lighting
Uplighters, chandeliers ,pealights, starlight liningand colour wash flood lights

A combination of lighting gives the wow factor to marquee lighting. Here we have an ivory starlight lining, a pealight canopy, chandeliers, colour changing uplighters and coloured flood lights outside the marquee.

Of course natural light plays its part in any event. Our range of clear roof and panoramic windows let the sunshine flood into the marquee

Celeste Lighting

Our Celeste marquee can be adorned with a choice of lighting to suit the your choice

Wedding Marquee Hire North Yorkshire
Celeste Wedding Marquee with Festoon Lighting

A festoon canopy provides ample lighting and gives a festival feel to the event.

Wedding Marquee hire Hull
Wedding Marquee near Hull

Festoon lights can also be used in other ways for instance over the top of the Celeste or form walkways and standing areas. We hire wrought iron Shepherds Crooks to hang festoons at a nice height.

Pea light canopy
Pea Light Canopy

Generally Pea lights or fairy lights are much smaller LED bulb than the festoons and therefore give a different feel.

The Edison chandelier is the standard lighting option for the Celeste. The steel flower ring can be hoisted up and down to decorate with the edison bulbs hanging around it.

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