Jono’s Fundraising Night In Aid Of CRY (Cardiac Risk in the Young) SOLD OUT

This event has sold out within a week of tickets going on sale! But you can still contribute to this amazing charity.

Donations can be made directly to Jono’s Fund by scanning this code

Or if you would like the bank details for CRY or any further information email

Any help you are able to give will be greatly appreciated and help reach the first target

Here at Florida Marquees we like to support local fundraising events. So when asked if we would like to sponsor Jono’s Fundraising CRY Charity Event we just had to say Yes.

The CRY Charity Event Story

When we heard from David & Karen how their lives were shattered on the 14th December 2022 when their son Jono (aged 27) died suddenly of Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy ( a form of cardiac arrest) it was heartbreaking.

Jono was a go-getter with a whole life ahead of him in accountancy.

His dream to set up his own accountancy business which he succeeded in doing.

He was fit and healthy with a motto “whatever I do in life, it will always be something I enjoy” and no sign of the condition.

As a result of Jono’s energy for life his family feel they must continue positively and have started planning the CRY charity event fundraiser for next year.

The family decided to raise funds for the charity CRY (Cardiac Risk in the Young).

12 young people a week in the UK die from undiagnosed heart conditions.

CRY depends very largely upon the goodwill of our fundraisers and the generosity of people.

Cardiac Risk in the Young was founded in May 1995 to raise awareness of young sudden cardiac death (YSCD).

The charity provides counselling and support to bereaved families as well as young individuals who may be diagnosed.

The families initial aim is to raise enough money to enable a team of CRY cardio specialists to perform ECG tests and if needed a follow up ultrasound scan for 200 young people.

The first screening weekend for 14-35 year olds in the Driffield area and hopefully not the last.

The evening will consist of live music from two great local bands Catch 22 & The Pickled Bluebells, a charity raffle & pizza from Farinas Artisan Pizza.

Grab your tickets now for what will be a great night.

With your help, we will make a difference and ultimately save lives.

Sponsors For The Event

Florida Marquees Yorkshire Ltd

Florida Marquees are supplying the furniture for the event. We hire furniture on a stand alone basis as well as with a marquee.

For more information on our furniture hire Click Here