Steam Engine Rally

Florida Marquees are pleased to be providing services for The Driffield Steam Engine Rally this weekend – 13th and 14th August 2016 at the Driffield Showground.

The Steam Engine Rally seems to get better and better each year. There are other steam engine rallies in the area like Pickering.

The organisers say:-


Planning has now reached an advanced stage for this year’s Steam and Vintage Rally to be held at the Showground on 13th & 14th August. In addition to all the regular attractions and exhibits ranging from the majestic steam Showmans’ engines to vintage bicycles there will be some unusual and very interesting items making their debut at Driffield.

Among these for the first time ever in the UK and, probably for the first time anywhere since they were built in the USA in the 1920s, there will be two working Doble steam cars appearing together. Only 15 of the 45 cars built still survive worldwide and these rare cars,  described as the ‘Rolls Royce’ of steam cars,  were the most advanced steam car ever made. The two cars are model D2 of 1921, the oldest Doble still in existence, and E22 of 1925. This latter car was new to the multi-millionaire aviator and film producer Howard Hughes  and is reputed to have been timed at 133m.p.h by the Texas police.

Another exhibit making its first public appearance will be a Rolls Royce ‘Griffon’ aero engine from a 1940s ‘Shackleton’ bomber. This working 37 litre, V12, engine will be demonstrated regularly throughout the weekend creating sounds reminiscent of when the adjacent Driffield RAF station was still active and no doubt stirring memories for the town’s older inhabitants.

At the fairground, making its second visit to Driffield will be the  ‘Hurricane Jets’ –  an original 1950s fairground ride.  A fascinating 12 car ride simulating flight from a time when jet travel was still a novelty. The riders can control the angle of inclination of their car giving an exciting and sometimes hair-raising experience.

Add into this the spectacle of the Saturday night road run by exhibits into Driffield town centre when the roads are closed to normal traffic and a carnival atmosphere prevails and there are all the ingredients for a fantastic weekend.

steam engine rally