Marquee Hire Guide

Only a very small percentage of the population ever hire a marquee therefore many people who come to us have no idea what the marquee hire process involves.

I hope this guide to marquee hire will help you in the planning of your event be it a wedding, party, corporate event, garden party or even some temporary storage.

Which Marquee Company

There are a multitude of companies all claiming to be the best marquee company in the area! But sadly many do not deliver the standards required and because many events are one offs this can end in anguish. Even if a company has quality equipment they often do not have the level of service and after sales to back this up. as a company that has been supply marquee hire for over 20 years, we are always on hand to share our advice and knowledge.

We not only stock quality marquee equipment, all tested to British Standards and maintained thoroughly, we boast a level of service second to none. As with any industry cheaper products can be sourced, however our philosophy is to buy the best. Cheap furniture from China looks like cheap furniture from China, our furniture is made to European specification and so is of a higher quality.

What to look for in a good Marquee Hire Company Ask, ask, ask ……… and ask again!

  • Look for a MUTA accredited company. MUTA is an organisation that oversees the marquee industry. When a marquee company joins MUTA it is committing to high standards of ethical and professional behaviour. They are submitting to an inspection process to check that the standards are being met. So choosing a company who is a member of MUTA is giving you piece of mind that the company will adhere to high standards and have been vetted by a governing body.
MUTA Member

MUTA Member

  • Ask to visit the company’s premises and look at how the equipment is stored. If the equipment is stored well there is a better chance of your marquee being in good condition when it is delivered to you.
  • Ask to view a finished marquee. This is the best way to judge the quality of a marquee company. We say we are only as good as our last job and all your guests are our potential customers. At Florida Marquees we have a fully dressed marquee permanently  on display with tables set by recommended venue stylists.
Marquee Showroom

Marquee Showroom

Health and Safety

  • Ask to see a health and safety policy, a risk assessment, public liability certificate – erecting marquees can be a dangerous activity if not done correctly and to industry guidelines. Again as a MUTA member we have to adhere to these health and safety standards to remain a member.


  • Ask to meet the staff that might be putting the marquee up in your garden. Some companies use agency staff, we at Florida Marquees have a core of 9 staff who have been with us for 8 years or more. We have absolute trust in our staff members to be polite, courteous and importantly respect you and your property.
Florida Marquees Team

Florida Marquees Team


  • Ask for recommendations – for both the marquee company and any associated suppliers you may be requiring.
  • Ask to see testimonials as many of our customers send us thank you cards and letters saying how happy they were with our service.


Itemised Quotations

  • Ask for an itemised quote and costs for additional options to ensure no nasty surprise costs.
  • Ask if you are able to change the equipment specification and numbers even after booking. Some companies will hold you to a contract for the equipment at the time of booking. We know things change between the time of booking and the event so we allow you to alter the numbers of chairs, size of tables, size of marquee, add optional heaters and even take items off that you have sourced elsewhere.

Emergency Call Out

  • Ask if the marquee company will be on call during the event. Florida Marquees are at the end of the phone throughout your event. We also offer “a man on site” at an hourly rate for full peace of mind.
  • Ask if the marquee is wind tested and to what wind speed. There are many marquees available for hire that are not manufactured to BS standards and so will not be wind tested.
  • Ask where the company works – we work at many stately homes, high class hotels and reputable wedding venues so you can safely assume we are a quality marquee hire company.
  • And when you have booked your marquee with Florida Marquees please feel free to ASK ASK and ASK again as our team are always willing to answer any questions you may have and you will have questions!!!!
Marquee hire

Marquee hire

When you have found your marquee company

The No Obligation Site Visit

Florida Marquees will visit your chosen site or venue to check its suitability.

We will offer you advice on the siting and size of the marquee.

You need to consider “the flow” of your guests and the requirements of your other suppliers:-

  •  where they will park,
  • how they will enter the site,
  • where to pick up any pre drinks,
  • where to site the entrance of the marquee,
  • how to exit the marquee to the toilets,
  • where to site the toilets and generator,
  • do you need a carpet or boarded walkway to the marquee door
  • how much space do the caterers require
  • what power is required for the event
  • where to position the dance floor
  • do the band need a raised stage
  • do the caterers need running water
  • is outside lighting required
  • how are the guests leaving the site
  • proximity of the marquee to any services either overhead or underground
  • access to the site for suppliers
  • security of the site
  • the health and safety of guests, suppliers and the general public
  • a wet weather plan should be considered
  • a full site risk assessment

These are just a few of the considerations to be made when siting a marquee for an event as every event differs from the next.

Florida Marquees Showroom

Florida Marquees have a permanent on site showroom where you can view a fully decorated marquee. You will get a feel for the size of your quoted marquee and get to chose from a multitude of optional extras. We prefer to set up a personal meeting with the customer to discuss your exact requirements.

Marquee Showroom Display

Marquee Showroom Display

Display Marquees

Display Marquees

We at Florida also hold at least one Open Weekend every year and invite all our customers and suppliers to get together to discuss