Heater Hire

Wedding venues, such as barns and sheds, can be quite cold. Therefore you may need to hire a heater. We provide ducted warm air heating systems which will keep you and your guests warm.

Heater hire

Marquee Heater

Ducted Warm Air Heating Systems

Gas Heaters

Our heaters run on propane gas so are clean and do not smell. The warm air is ducted from outside the marquee therefore no naked flames. They are fitted with various safety features so are very safe.

We offer two sizes of heater. As a result we can heat small and large spaces.

LB White 170 – 170,000 BTu/Hr


LB White 80 – 80,000 BYu/Hr

What size heater?

Obviously the outside temperature has a bearing on how many and what size heaters are required. How many guests present also has to be taken into account. We tend to add an additional heater just to be on the safe side. You can never be too warm!

Heater size guide – CLICK HERE 

Key features
  • quiet operation
  • indoor or outdoor placement of the heater
  • 99.97% fuel efficiency
  • high volume of air output
  • totally enclosed flame for maximum safety
  • neat output duct
  • dependable electronic spark system


Heater Controls

Thermostatic controls ensure the correct temperature is achieved.

We install and connect your heater. Firstly we connect the heater to 47Kg propane gas. Secondly we connect a 13amp electricty supply. Thirdly the customer  turns the thermostat to the desired temperature. The thermostat senses the desired temperature it automatically switches the heater off.  Also when the temperature drops the heater switches back on so keeping a constant ambient temperature.

Marquee Heater Hire

Marquee Heater Hire

You can hire a heater with a marquee package or as a stand alone booking. We supply  propane gas or we are happy for the customer to supply this.

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