Generator, Toilets & Heating


At Florida Marquees you can hire our 20kva Super Silent Generator to provide all the power you need for your event.

Also provided with this is a distribution board & 30m long power cable so the generator can be placed a good distance from your marquee, thus reducing any noise.
40kva & 60kva generators are also available depending on the amount of power required.

As part of our power distribution service we supply and install all your power sockets and lighting. All our electrical equipment is PAT tested. Your caterer will usually have the greatest power requirements so we usually provide them with 5 or 6 independent 4 gang sockets. Occasionally the caterer will need 32amp feeds for ovens and again we can accommodate this.

If the venue has a suitable power supply a single or three phase cable and distribution rack can be hired for a qualified electrician to install thus eliminating the need for a generator. We will liaise with your electrician during the process.

generator generator hire


At one time marquee hire was restricted to the summer months but now with our new American heaters marquees can be used all year round.

Our Ducted Warm Air Heating Systems produce a continuous circulation of warm air through the concealed low level ducts. The heaters are thermostatically controlled from within the marquee so no need to venture outside.

With their clean look, quiet operation and fuel efficiency our premier heater distribute safe dependable heating for any event all year round. These heaters really make marquee hire an all year round option.


We can provide you with Luxury Toilet Units for the more up market events or if you would like more everyday units we can also provide Unisex Units.