Clear Marquee Hire

Florida Marquees now provide clear marquee hire for parties, weddings, corporate events and shows. Clear frame marquees offer an alternative to lined marquees therefore giving a totally different feel to the marquee. A clear roof gives stunning views of the blue sky during the day and the starlit sky by night so perfect for the whole day.


Clear Marquee Hire Hull

Clear Marquee Hire Hull

Clear marquee hire Yorkshire

Clear Marquee Yorkshire


Clear marquees can get quite hot so customers can choose between a fully clear marquee or part clear and part solid. If your event is to be held during the day in the height of summer we advise making your dining area solid, to form a shaded area and your entertainment area clear. Lighting is very effective in a clear marquees so we offer many options from coloured LED uplighters to crystal chandeliers.


Clear Wedding Marquee Hire

Clear Wedding Marquee Hire

Clear marquee lighting York

Clear Marquee Lighting York

Bringing the Garden Inside

Sometimes erecting a marquee in a beautiful garden can obscure the view of the surroundings, therefore the clear marquees allow the garden to become integral to the decoration and also allow any guests outside to still feel involved in the party.

 clear marquee malton

Clear Marquee Malton

Clear Marquee Beverley

Beverley Clear Marquee

Rustic or Industrial

With the right styling and decoration a rustic yet industrial feel can be achieved using a clear marquee. The aluminium frame of the marquee is visable and so gives an industrial feel to the marquee which can then be complimented by contemporary lighting and furniture.


Clear Marquee Hire North Yorkshire

Clear Marquee Hire North Yorkshire

Clear Marquee

Hull Clear Marquee

A clear octagonal end is available in our 10m wide frame marquee range giving shape, light and views. This gives a real architectural statement to a wedding or party marquee whilst retaining the classic style. All our panoramic windows can be rolled up so guests can enjoy both the inside and outside.

Octagonal Marquee Hire Beverley

Octagonal Marquee Hire Beverley

"Clear marquee party Beverley

Clear roof marquee party Beverley


Clear top marquees can be used as an entrance marquee or porch. As a result they provide a light and airy entrance to the main marquee.


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